Homekill Services

We are a dual processing butchers. This means, completely separate to our retail store we offer a homekill service.

Our slaughterman will come to your property and start the processing. Once your animal is appropriately prepared, it will be stowed in the chiller on our vehicles and delivered to our store, your meat will get chilled further and when ready processed.

Our trained butchers will processed your meat and pack it as per your instruction from our cutting lists, we will freeze it down ready for collection.

 ** our cutting lists will be back up soon.


Prices affective from 10/5/2022

Beef - 


PROCESSING = $1.75+GST per kilo


Sheep - 

KILL FEE = $40.00+GST


$6.00 per kilo if wanting sausages.


Pigs - 


PROCESSING = $70.00 chops and roasts

$6.00 per kilo sausages


Venison - 

BONING OUT/PROCESSING FEE = $50-$100 depending on size

Salami = $10 each

Sausages = $6.00 per kilo